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About Us

Let's partner
to impact your child's learning and growth.

Parents partnership with educators plays a major role in child's academic and overall success.


Supplemental Education LLC provides supplemental education materials for parents and their children, grades K-8. We help parents find an ideal fit for their child, based on experience, expertise, and educational background.

Given the current challenges of education, it’s important that families have everything they need to support learning from home. Parents can find support by contacting a Supp-Ed instructor or by investing in our educational resources.  

Our tutors provide interactive and individualized online session and support designed to enhance a parent’s role as a partner in education.  Our goal at Supp-Ed is to meet the unique needs of all learners and their families. Scroll down to learn more!

How It Works

We've taken the time to make the process easy for parents to connect with educators and educational resources to support their child's learning. 


Step 1 - Complete our New Student Intake Form.

Step 2 - Click this link to book a Parent Onboarding Call and select your tutoring package.

Step 3 - Complete onboarding materials and schedule your sessions! 

Our Instructors

Supplemental Education LLC tutors are experienced educators who are trained and skilled at addressing your child's unique learning needs. Using our customized student roadmaps, tutors deliver engaging virtual lessons that specifically target learning goals and lead to exponential growth. We partner with busy parents to ensure academic, social, and emotional success! 

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