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Thank you for your support! 

We are grateful for our current supporters for their contributions. You are changing the world of education for our future! 


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Christina C


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Tiffany H 


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Natalie Lee Martin

Kingdom Business Network

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Wesley Forde

Brittney Sampson


Cherece  Milton

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Marcia Duncan

Princess Black

Maya Collier

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Jewel Jenkins

Rashaeda Brimley

Sandra Jackson

Jennifer Black

Emelda Ngezelonye

Sara Saunders

Naomi Saffold

Shontriska Jones

Regina Thompson

Jenee Saffold

Joseph Saffold

Supplemental Education is in beta testing for our WebApp which combines our program with the convenience of technology. We are able to deliver extraordinary results because of supporters like you. If you're interested in supporting our current efforts, click here. 


Education matters and we know virtual learning is here to stay. Thank you in advance for sharing and support our work!

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